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    Tuesday, 29 April 2008

    This roast chicken recipe is very easy to prepare and deliciously tasty. It will serve 4 people. The preparation time is just 10 minutes and cooking time is approximately 1 hour and 40 mins.

    • Serves: 4
    • Preparation time: 10 minutes
    • Cooking time: 1 hour and 40 minutes
    • 1 whole chicken that weighs about 1.75Kg
    • 3 cloves of garlic, halved
    • 2 tablespoons of softened butter
    • 7 grams of fresh thyme, finely chopped
    • 1 lemon, quartered



    • 1 tablespoon of redcurrant jelly
    • 1 tablespoon of corn flour
    • ½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce



    1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Halve the garlic cloves. With the cut side, rub all over the chicken. Crush the remainder of the garlic. Mash the crushed garlic with the butter, thyme and freshly ground black pepper. Spread this over the top of the chicken. Quarter the lemon. Place 2 of the quarters in the cavity of the chicken.
    2. Insert the chicken into a medium size-roasting bag. Seal the bag loosely. Slit the top of the bag 6 times. Place the bag and chicken into a small roasting tin. Cook for approx 1 hour and 40 minutes. The chicken is cooked when the meat is thoroughly cooked and the juice of the chicken runs clear when you pierce the thigh with a sharp knife. Remove the chicken from the bag. Keep the juices in the bag. Allow the chicken to stand.
    3. Cut the corner of the bag and pour the juices into a pan. Stir in the redcurrant jelly. Mix the corn flour with cold water until it is a smooth paste. Gradually add it to the gravy. Bring to the boil slowly, constantly stirring. Add Worcestershire sauce and season with salt and pepper. Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes until the gravy is thickened.
    4. Carve the chicken. Serve and pour the gravy on top. Serve with roasted potatoes, beans, peas and/or carrots. You can add the potatoes to the roasting tin at the same time as the chicken. It is a good idea to partially boil the potatoes first. The beans can be boiled or steamed. The carrots can be boiled, steamed or roasted. The peas should be boiled.


    We hope that you enjoy this roast chicken recipe. Roast chicken is a very easy dish to make, and a real treat and healthy. There is nothing better then roast chicken on a Sunday afternoon with a few friends and / or family members. You will find plenty more free recipes at Happy Eating. See the author box below for the link.

    Melissa George is the editor of Happy Eating, a community for people who are passionate about food. Find more recipes.

    Posted by: Gourmet Grocery Online AT 01:15 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Friday, 25 April 2008

    There are many ways of preserving fruit to keep over the winter. Each one has its own style and its own way of making it, which leads to a different product and appearance. The main types are detailed below:

    Jams are whole fruit preserved in sugar and boiled until they reach the 'setting point' that point at which the jam will set of its own accord at room temperature. The skins and often the seeds of the fruit are incorporated in a jam.

    A preserve is similar to a jam, except that it's cooked for less time so that the fruit remains more solid and does not break down. Preserves typically contain less sugar than jams and will not last as long.

    Jellies are prepared like jams, except that the fruit are boiled in water or acidulated water (water with lemon juice added) until the fruit are soft and pulpy. The fruit pulp is then strained over night to produce a clear fruit liquid. Sugar is then added to the clear liquid and it's boiled again until the setting point is produced. This produces a clear fruit-flavoured 'jelly'. Often they have apples as a base and to provide the pectin needed for the jelly to set. As well as fruit jellies can also be made from a mix of fruit, herbs and wines. They are often used as the basis for sauces in cookery.

    Curds are fruit-flavoured liquids that are thickened by the addition of eggs. The eggs give the mixture a creamy spreading consistency.

    Below are recipes for a jam, a jelly and a curd so that you can compare the production techniques.

    Blackcurrant Jam

    2.7kg sugar
    1.8kg blackcurrants
    1.8l water

    Wash the blackcurrants, removing and stalks and leaves. Place the fruit in a heavy-bottomed saucepan along with the water. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cook for 30 minutes, mashing the fruit against the side of the pan with a wooden spoon until the fruit is tender.

    Add the sugar to the saucepan, heat through, stirring until completely dissolved. Bring to a boil and cook rapidly for about 15 minutes. Test for setting by placing a plate in the fridge. Spoon a little of the jam onto the plate, allow to cook then move it with your fingernail. If a crinkly skin forms then the jam is ready. If not continue boiling for 5 minutes more and test again.

    Skim the surface then ladle into sterilized jars that have been warmed in an oven set to 100°C for 5 minutes. Allow 1cm of head space then secure the lid, allow to cool and store.

    Redcurrant Jelly

    1.8kg redcurrants
    600ml water
    75g sugar per 100ml liquid

    Wash and trim the red currants then place in a heavy-bottomed saucepan along with the water. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cook for 30 minutes, mashing the fruit against the side of the pan with a wooden spoon.

    Pour into a jelly bag or a sieve lined with several layers of muslin and allow to drain into a bowl (do not be tempted to squeeze the bag as this will only make the jelly cloudy.

    The following morning discard the fruit (I tend to freeze them to make pies later) then measure the volume of the liquid and add 75g sugar per 100ml of fluid.

    Place the juice and the sugar in a saucepan, heat through then add the sugar, stirring until completely dissolved. Bring to a boil and cook rapidly for about 15 minutes. Test for setting by placing a plate in the fridge. Spoon a little of the jelly onto the plate, allow to cook then move it with your fingernail. If a crinkly skin forms then the jelly is ready. If not continue boiling for 5 minutes more and test again.

    Skim the surface then ladle into sterilized jars that have been warmed in an oven set to 100°C for minutes. Allow 1cm of head space then secure the lid, allow to cool and store.

    Lemon Curd

    450g caster sugar
    freshly-grated rind of 4 medium lemons
    juice of 4 medium lemons
    225g butter
    5 eggs, lightly beaten

    Juice and finely grate the rinds of the lemons. Prepare a bain marie (double boiler) and transfer the lemon juice and zest to this. Add the sugar and butter and cook over low heat until all the sugar has dissolved.

    Remove from the heat and blend with the eggs, which have been lightly beaten. Mix to combine thoroughly then return to the heat and continue cooking slowly in the double boiler until the curd mixture will just coat the back of a spoon.

    Skim the surface then ladle into sterilized jars that have been warmed in an oven set to 100°C for 5 minutes. Allow 1cm of head space then secure the lid, allow to cool and store. This will keep for at least 4 weeks in the fridge.

    If your interest is piqued by these recipes then I urge you to find out more about jam and preserve making.

    Dyfed Lloyd Evans runs the Celtnet Recipes site and the Celtnet Articles recpository. You can find these and many, many more recipes for various jams and preserves at his extensive Celtnet Jams, pickles and Preserves collection.

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    Wednesday, 23 April 2008
    Some homemade salsas have been a favorite for years and even generations. Families have been handing down their own special family recipes to successive generations and kept a long tradition of making their own salsa.

    It's easy to go to the nearby corner grocery store and pick up a jar of salsa, but making your own at home can be lots of fun and quite rewarding! If you have had a productive garden and have an overstock of tomatoes and peppers, salsa is an excellent way to use them up!

    Once you do this, you may find that making salsa and stocking up your pantry each year will be a regular goal of yours! You only need a basic supply to make salsa, a simple recipe and the process of making the salsa.

    Typical salsa ingredients are variations of the following: tomatoes, green pepper, Jalapeno, red chili pepper, garlic salt or powder, onion, cilantro, lemon juice. Don't be afraid to experiment!

    As you can see, homemade salsa is full of vitamins and antioxidants that are known to keep your body stay healthy!

    Personalize to your taste - Adding more jalapenos and other peppers will make the salsa hotter. In the same way reducing the number of peppers and adding more tomatoes will create a milder salsa.

    The full flavor and strength of spices deteriorate over time so make sure to use fresh spices. And always use fresh oils. Like spices, oils lose their flavor over time and some can go rancid if kept too long.

    To avoid chile pepper irritation wear rubber gloves or even small plastic bags over your hands. Don't touch your face or rub your eyes while handling hot peppers.

    When making and preserving your homemade salsa, you will need all the supplies that you typically need when you are preserving tomatoes. You will need canning jars, lids and bands, a hot water bath canner, a large pot to cook the salsa, strainer, jar lifter, large bowl, and the ingredients from your recipe. Thoroughly wash all the utensils you will be using and boil the jars and bands. Warm the lids but don't boil them. Leave the jars and the lids in the hot water up until the time you are ready to fill them.

    Alternatively you can store them in your freezer. After making a large batch of salsa, simply divide it into small containers and place them in the freezer. You'll be able to enjoy fresh-tasting salsa year round!

    Salsa Lover Tony Buel has put together a delicious collection of various tried and true salsa recipes. Nothing beats the taste of good old fashioned Homemade Salsa!

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    Monday, 21 April 2008

    Although the words diet and dessert aren't typically the best partners, it is possible to enjoy some sweet treats while sticking to a candida diet. It is true that sugar and white flour are still foods to avoid, but there are carefully crafted candida dessert recipes designed to keep your body on track, fighting off candida overgrowth.

    Studies have shown that people tend to fail on overly restrictive diets because they cannot stick to the plans long term. It may be possible to muster up the will power to succeed for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months, but soon the cravings start calling and it is important to have healthy alternatives to satisfy your desire.

    However, the fact remains that sugar and white flour feed candida overgrowth. Even in small amounts of foods containing these items can trigger symptom flare-ups and make life miserable, making a sugar splurge hardly worth it.

    The great thing is that once you start cutting back on processed foods, refined carbohydrates and excess sugars, your intense cravings for these foods will subside. Yet it may be unlikely that you will never desire another dessert again. After all, something sweet is an excellent end to a delicious meal and a perfect pairing to a cup of gourmet coffee or tea.

    The key to sticking with a candida diet while enjoying dessert is to find recipes that do not promote candida growth. Many people have had success utilizing artificial sweeteners to get their sweet fix without ingesting sugar. However, certain sweeteners have earned a bad reputation and can cause side effects or even illness.

    One sweetener that seems to stand above the rest in that it cooks and bakes well and does not appear to cause the same reaction as other artificial sweeteners is Stevia. This plant-derived extract has nearly 300 times the sweetness of sugar, so a little goes a long way. Stevia is popular now, because not only does it not spike blood glucose but also medical studies have shown it may treat conditions like obesity and high blood pressure.

    So Stevia may be a way to have something sweet without feeding the candida like sugar does. Using it as an additive to shakes, puddings and cheesecakes, means you can experience real dessert while sticking to your candida diet plan.

    Below are some dessert ideas to get you started:

    Crustless Peanut Butter Pie

    Combine equal parts of sugar-free natural peanut butter and cream cheese and then mix in whipped heavy whipping cream to provide a lighter texture. Sweeten with Stevia to taste. Pour into a pie pan or bowl and refrigerate until chilled.

    Frozen Chocolate Pudding Dessert

    Mix a package of sugar-free instant chocolate pudding (4-serving size), 1.5 cups milk, and 1 cup whipping cream. Add a small amount of stevia to taste. Pour into a pan, cover and freeze for at least four hours. Remove from freezer approximately 1 hour prior to serving.

    Berries and Cream

    Select fresh or frozen berries and pour heavy whipping cream on top. Add a small amount of Stevia and vanilla extract to taste. If the berries are frozen the whipping cream will freeze, creating a delicious, ice cream-like dessert.

    Just because you are living with a candida condition does not mean you can't enjoy a dessert from time to time. Treat yourself on special occasions and when a major craving calls and you will be less likely to binge on damaging processed, sugary desserts.

    To learn more about candida diet, candida desserts and candida recipes, visit Candida Solutions

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    Sunday, 20 April 2008

    How to Make Chocolate Cream Pies :

    Beat to a cream half a cupful of butter and a cupful and a quarter of powdered sugar. Add two well-beaten eggs, two tablespoonfuls of wine, half a cupful of milk, and a cupful and a half of sifted flour, with which has been mixed a teaspoonful and a half of baking powder. Bake this in four well-buttered, deep, tin plates for about fifteen minutes in a moderate oven. Put half a pint of milk in the double-boiler, and on the fire.

    Beat together the yolks of two eggs, three tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, and a level tablespoonful of flour. Stir this mixture into the boiling milk, beating well. Add one-sixth of a teaspoonful of salt, and cook for fifteen minutes, stirring often. When cooked, flavor with half a teaspoonful of vanilla extract. Put two of the cakes on two large plates, spread the cream over them, and lay the other two cakes on top. Beat the whites of the two eggs to a stiff froth, and then beat into them one cupful of powdered sugar and one teaspoonful of vanilla.

    Shave one ounce of Walter Baker & Co.'s Premium No. 1 Chocolate, and put it in a small pan with two tablespoonfuls of sugar and one tablespoonful of boiling water. Stir over a hot fire until smooth and glossy. Now add three tablespoonfuls of cream or milk, and stir into the beaten egg and sugar. Spread on the pies and set away for a few hours.

    To find much more Chocolate Recipes visit My Site and you will found a lot of the best Recipes on Chocolate for free: Chocolate Recipes

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    Saturday, 19 April 2008

    For a wine lover, a wine gift will always be so very welcome. Choosing a wine gift is so easy today, there is such a variety available. Not just the wine, the accessories. The range of accessories for wine today is quite something.

    Wine Accessories

    We are spoilt for choice these days. Someone is always coming up with a new design so there will always be something new to add to a wine gift for the wine lovers you know.

    You can find wine gifts depicting a favorite football team. If their sporting passion is golf, fishing, bowling, you name it, there will almost surely be a wine gift to match.

    There are wine racks, wine bottle holders, wine chillers, wine buckets. What about decanters, corkscrews, wine glasses, the list is quite long. With that list, there are options for gifts with each one.

    Of course, it goes without saying that with the wine gift there will always be a bottle or more of a beautiful vintage. If you happen to visit wineries in your area, some cellar doors turn out to have wonderful bottles of wine and the best part is, you can get the real history of the wine you are giving. Your friend will really appreciate knowing how the wine gift you have given them came about.

    Wine glasses are always acceptable and along with these are the wine charms. Wine charms are the metal rings with decorations like charms and beads attached that can be clipped to the stem of a glass so the guests will know their glass by the charm attached.

    If your choice for a wine gift is a couple of bottles of good wines, then why not include a subscription to a wine magazine delivered to your friend's home each month. You could make up a gift voucher on your computer to include with the gift. Get creative, it amazing what can be achieved with computers these days.

    Looking For That Something Different In Wine Gifts.

    There are also companies who will add a name, birthday, anniversary etc to the label of a bottle of champagne, very special or how about having the actual bottle engraved with the special date.

    Don't forget the wine gift basket. It need not be a basket as such. The 'basket' can be a timber box, tool carry-all, storage box, small wine rack one of the table varieties, let your imagination on the lose, and visit places where you may find the unusual, like the hardware store, the fishing store or the car parts warehouse.

    In your wine gift 'basket' include things like a pair of wine glasses to suit the wine you have selected, a wine corkscrew, wine charms, glass etched coasters. Add some crackers and cheeses, caviar, dark chocolates or anything else you may feel would be suitable. Those special foods that people don't normally buy every day.

    Another great wine gift is a CaddyO Wine Chiller and Carrier. These are wonderful gifts, you simply put the removable plastic cylinder into the freezer for 4 to 6 hours, then place inside the holder. CaddyO will chill warm wine or Champagne in 30 minutes and will keep cold for up to 9 hours. There are a few different types of wine chillers on the market today, they all work in the same way and are wonderful for taking to the BYO restaurant or a BYO barbecue.

    Actually, as you can see there is such a great list of wine gifts for the person who just loves to enjoy a glass of wine or the avid collector of all things wine. Friends like this are so easy to buy a gift for, a wine gift of course.

    ©2007 CTBaird. Carmel Baird contributes to WineMakingInfo-Online a great website dedicated to providing useful information on wine and wine making.

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    Thursday, 17 April 2008

    A wine of the month club is an organization that distributes wine to its members each month. People who enjoy tasting new and different wines join wine of the month clubs so they can experience new and unique wines they might not find on their own. Whether you enjoy an occasional glass of wine, or you are an experienced and knowledgeable wine connoisseur, you should join a wine of the month club.

    There are several reasons to purchase a membership in a monthly wine club. Firstly, if you enjoy discovering new and interesting wines, a wine of the month club membership may help you continuously find rare and difficult-to-find wines you usually cannot purchase in your local stores.

    Another reason to join a wine of the month club is to learn more about different wines. The easiest and most enjoyable way to learn about wines is to experience them first hand. Imagine being able to select the perfect glass of wine that you know your date will love. Imagine being able to impress your friends with a wine that goes perfectly with dinner. You will no longer find yourself in a restaurant staring at a wine list not knowing what to choose.

    Memberships in wine of the month clubs also make great wine gifts. New wines every month will surprise and please even the most discriminating wine lover. A monthly wine gift set is a very original idea, and you can be sure it will surprise your loved ones and friends. It will make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or any other special occasion.

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    Wednesday, 16 April 2008

    Having had family members who are diabetic I have had to change my cooking styles and thinking to accommodate them. This is a recipe for a low calorie diabetic friendly Cheese cake that tastes like a full sugar unfriendly cheese cake.


    12 oz. low fat Ricotta cheese
    4 eggs, separated
    3/4 c. Fruit Sweet
    Grated peel of 1 lemon
    3 graham crackers/biscuit, finely crushed
    12 oz. low fat cottage cheese
    2/3 c. non-instant milk powder
    5 tbsp. lemon juice or to taste
    2 tsp. pure vanilla
    Butter or oleo for pan

    Put cheese into a processor with egg yolks and Fruit Sweet and blend together. then Add milk, powder and process until smooth. Then add vanilla, lemon juice and peel to the cheese mixture and Blend until smooth. Beat the egg whites until frothy and then add to the processor and blend for about 2 seconds, until fully mixed. Butter the bottom and 1half way up the sides of a 9" Springform pan.

    Then pour the graham cracker/biscuit crumbs into the pan and shake until the buttered area is fully coated. Leave any extra on the bottom. Pour the cheesecake mixture into the pan and bake at 350 degrees with a pan of water in the oven to prevent drying. you then Bake for 45 minutes or until an inserted knife emerges clean. Cool. May serve with an All-Fruit preserve of your choice. Variations: All cottage or all ricotta cheese may be used.

    For standard cream cheese cake, substitute 24 ounces cream cheese, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup powdered milk and 2/3 cup Fruit Sweet. Adjust lemon.

    Article and recipe by Gareth Croot.

    You can visit my website for more great recipe ideas.

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    Tuesday, 15 April 2008
    If you are searching for a gift that will nearly always please, then focus your attention to a wine gift. A nice bottle of wine fits any occasion and as long as the recipient is over the legal age limit for alcohol consumption, you are nearly always going to get a positive response. Wine gifting is a custom that dates back many years and today is more popular than ever. You can rest assured that a nice bottle of wine is never going to gather dust on someone's shelf.

    Wine Gift Baskets

    A very popular way to give wine today is in the form of a wine gift basket. The basket usually contains a least a couple of bottles of wine and selected appetizers that are pre-matched to the wine. Chocolates are usually paired to reds, crackers and various yummy spreads with chardonnay and cheeses like Brie and fruit to sweet wines. Whatever the wine, there is always an appetizer that will be perfectly matched to it. If you would like to make your own gift basket, just go down to your liquor store and ask some questions. More often than not, the clerk will be able to help you.

    Chosen Wine for The Month

    If you really want your wine gift to stand out from the crowd, then may be you should look at a wine of the month club. This gift will appeal to nearly everyone but mostly to wine lovers. The recipient of the gift will receive certain wines on a monthly basis that needs to be pre-selected by you. Membership to a wine of the month club will approximately cost you around the $300.00 mark. You will also have the opportunity to request whether white or red wines are to be delivered or a combination of both. One added bonus of the gift is that any wine can be re-ordered from the club and as many times as you would like.

    Wine Gift Mixture

    If you think that one or even two bottles will not make that much of an impression, then why not give an entire case. The important thing to remember is that wine will always be well appreciated and can easily used as a stand alone gift.

    Selecting The Wine

    Giving a vintage wine as a git could be more appropriate for a lover of fine wines or even a connoisseur. However it would be very wise for you to taste the wine beforehand to make sure that you are really getting what you are actually paying for.

    Vintage wines are nearly always presented in their own wooden wine gift box and if you are lucky enough, it will also be paired with a little booklet giving you some facts about the origins and a brief history of the wine. If this is not the case, you can always search for the wine on the Internet and hopefully come up with a little bit of background that you will be able to share with the person that the wine gift is intended for.

    If you have really put an extra effort in getting that special bottle of wine, like driving to a winery that is miles out of town, you should let the person receiving the gift know about your little story. If they are wine lovers, chances are that they will find your story very interesting and even want to make the trip themselves if the wine impresses them.

    If you need your wine gift to really impress, please ensure you visit our site for many wine gift ideas as well as a coffee and wine gift basket.

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    Monday, 14 April 2008

    Americans are realizing that our food portions are out of control, but we like our dessert. A new food trend in many restaurants is the mini-dessert. The mini-dessert is served in tiny portions- each only a bite or two. Guests can have one or two guilt free or can try several that tempt them. This trend can be easily duplicated for your next party or event. The trick is to have a choice of small desserts with a variety of flavor choices.

    The most challenging part of this food trend is finding suitable and attractive serving dishes. Consider those tiny crystal glasses that you've probably never used for puddings and pie fillings. Bar cookies and pie can be cut into small squares and alternated on a large platter. Have attractive dessert dishes nearby.

    Here is a recipe to get you started:

    Tiny Lemon Meringue Parfait

    1 package store bought meringue cookies

    1 package vanilla wafers, crumbled


    5 egg yolks

    ½ cup sugar

    grated rind of 1 lemon

    6 to 8 tablespoons lemon juice

    1 ½ cups cream, whipped


    1. Beat egg yolks until thick. Add sugar, lemon rind and juice. Cook in double boiler until thick.
    2. Cool and fold into the whipped cream until well mixed but still streaks of each exist.
    3. Into a small glass such as a small wine glass, place a layer of vanilla wafer crumbs.
    4. Put the filling mixture into a piping bag, or place in a ziplock bag and clip the corner. Use the bag to pipe the filling mixture onto the cookie crumbs.
    5. Refrigerate. At serving time, top each with a meringue cookie.
    The combination is like a single bite of lemon pie. You could use a similar presentation using key lime pie filling or even banana pudding. The idea is to give your guests just a bite of flavor. Ideally you will offer several choices of flavors or a mixture of small desserts. Guilt free!


    Are you interested in more lemon pie recipes and other southern dessert recipes? Sign up for our newsletter at Southern Sweet and Desserts and get traditional southern recipes delivered to your email regularly.

    Diane has just finished a free cookbook of her favorite southern recipes. Download Easy Southern Favorites today. These recipes are guaranteed to have them begging for more. Best of all, its free!

    Diane Watkins is a traditional southern style cook. She enjoys cooking, teaching, and writing about good food and family. For more information on southern cooking and recipes visit her website at Easy Southern Cooking

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    Friday, 11 April 2008

    Sugar free desserts are an alternative and delicious way to enjoy traditional treats. Generally, all desserts have high sugar and fat level that adds to our calories intake and also add pounds to our waist. If you want to keep yourself slim, trim and healthy, then there are two options. First is to completely stop eating desserts (something next to impossible for dessert lovers) or go in for the second option to have low calorie desserts. The second option seems to be a better one and most preferred among all. Here are some of the luscious low calorie desserts for you to taste.

    Sugar free desserts # 1 CarbRite Brownie Mix

    CarbRite Brownie Mix is a delicious dessert with less amount of carbohydrates. It is a dessert that is apt for people who want to add protein to their diet. Unlike other brownies it has no trans fats or artificial sweeteners. For having the real taste of brownie, eat them with chocolate chips.

    Low Calorie Desserts # 2 Low Carb Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

    For some it is hard to think that chocolates covered with marshmallows are sugar free. Well they are ... La Nouba presents sugar free chocolates that are sugar free, fat free, soft and have smooth texture.

    Low Calorie Desserts # 3 Low Calorie Fudgie Rolls

    Low Calorie Fudgie Rolls are like true friend for diabetics. They contain low amount of carbohydrates, sodium and are sugar free. Less calories is one thing that make them popular among all.

    Besides, there are other tempting and mouthwatering Low Calorie Desserts available in the market. If you are good cook, then why don't you try something new from the number of free Low Calorie Dessert Recipes? They use ingredients that are easily to get in a grocery store next door. Many users have tried them and felt that final dishes are equally tempting. But making them takes time... if you want to munch them instantly, try the prepared Low Calorie Desserts. They are safe to eat and are healthy. Being as good as home made desserts, they are surely liked by all.

    Browse through Diabetic Direct to know more about them and other healthy eatables available at discounted price.

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    Thursday, 10 April 2008

    Oreo cheesecake is a fantastic blend of the already divine plain cheesecake recipe with one of America's all time favorite cookies, the Oreo. Growing up, my grandma used to always make this cheesecake for my brother and me. She knew it was one of our favorites! It was always a special day when grandma would bring us an Oreo cheesecake. I felt like a Princess whenever I would see her walking up the driveway with her cheesecake tote bag and knowing the whole time that there was an Oreo cheesecake inside. There were times I could hardly contain myself!

    I remember when we used to make the Oreo cheesecake together in grandma's kitchen, (and we still do) she would let me crush up all of the Oreos. Crushing the Oreos was always my favorite part. A couple years ago, my grandma gave me a book she had put together that had many of her favorite cheesecake recipes in it, including the Oreo. It is a gift I will always treasure.

    Now every time I bake one of her cheesecakes, I always bring over a slice for us to enjoy together. This Oreo cheesecake has always been my favorite to make and it always makes me smile when I think of the time me and grandma spend in the kitchen talking, laughing, and baking cheesecakes. There's just nothing better!


    25 Oreo cookies
    4 tablespoons butter; melted
    32 ounces cream cheese; at room temperature
    1 ½ cups sugar; divided
    2 tablespoons flour
    4 eggs; at room temperature
    3 egg yolks; at room temperature
    1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
    2 teaspoons vanilla; divided
    1 ¾ cups Oreos; crushed
    2 cups sour cream


    1) To prepare the crust, process Oreos and butter in food processor; press into springform pan.

    2) For the filling, beat cream cheese; add 1 1/4 c sugar, beat 3 minutes. Mix in flour. While beating, add eggs and yolks, mixing until smooth. Beat in whipping cream and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Pour 1/2 into crust.

    3) Sprinkle Oreos; add all remaining ingredients for filling. Place pan in 425-degree oven for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 225-degrees and bake for 50 minutes. Remove from oven; turn oven temperature to 350- degrees.

    4) Stir sour cream, 1/4 c sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla together, spread over cake, bake 7 minutes at 35o degrees. Remove from oven; cool to room temperature in draft- free place. Cover and refrigerate overnight or up to 3 days.

    With this dessert, if it is anything like my own house, this Oreo Cheesecake won't last long before it is all gobbled up! This recipe is very traditional and it is sure to be a great hit for any occasion!

    I mean, really, who doesn't like an classic Oreo Cheesecake? Exactly!

    For more delicious information on recipes be sure to visit where you'll find tips on cookie recipes cakes, brownies, as well as other articles on cooking, baking, and kitchen products.

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    Tuesday, 08 April 2008

    I have not always bought wine online. When I first started drinking wine after I graduated from college, I bought my wine at the grocery store. Oh, I thought I was so cool when I was walking down that wine aisle and pretending that I knew what I was looking for. Leave it to a 23 year old to always go straight to the Riesling. Don't get me wrong, Riesling is a very light and refreshing choice. The only problem was that it was the only wine my roommate and I drank because we didn't know what other options we had and we had not acquired a taste for the reds yet.

    I first discovered how and where to buy wine online when I was in my 30s. A group of us made it a point to take a wine class about once a month and we had so much fun. Good company, delicious wine and we were learning something new! The only problem was that a lot of times I would go back to the wine shops and they did not have the wines from the classes in stock. Considering that I needed the bottles right away because I always went to buy the wine for parties and to give as gifts, it was very frustrating that I couldn't find them easily.

    I was already buying a lot of things on Amazon and Ebay, so I knew how to shop online. I went on Google, searched for where to buy wine online and was happy to see a lot of results show up. The first website was so I jumped in to check I out and all I can say is, WOW!! They had so many options and it was so easy to search for specific names... best of all, they had the wines in stock and they were delivered straight to my door! After a couple of purchases, I realized how convenient buying wine online really was!

    So that's my story about how I became an online wine shopaholic. I encourage you to start checking out the different websites, the best ones are, The Wine Messenger and Personal Wine (especially if you want to give a creative gift). Make sure you sign up for the free accounts that the sites offer because then you don't have to keep a handwritten list of the wines you like... you just log in to your account and all of your purchases and notes are right there! Happy wine hunting!

    The next time that you are thinking of driving to the store to pick up a bottle of wine, go online first!

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    Monday, 07 April 2008

    There are times in our lives that we need simple, fast comfort food. This recipe for cheese corn chowder fits the bill perfectly. Dinner is ready in a flash, with a minimum of work, and it's a one-pot meal, so clean-up is fast and easy. And this tasty chowder is a real money saver.

    Makes 4 servings


    1/2 cup water

    2 cups diced potatoes

    1 medium carrot, sliced

    1 cup celery, chopped

    1 teaspoon salt

    1/4 teaspoon pepper

    2 cans cream-style corn

    1-1/2 cups milk

    2/3 cup grated cheddar cheese

    What to Do:

    Combine water, potatoes, carrots, celery, salt, and pepper in a large saucepan. Heat to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer 10 minutes. Add corn and simmer another 5 minutes. Stir in milk. Gradually add cheese and stir until cheese is melted and chowder is heated through, but do not bring to a boil.

    The above chowder recipe is extremely economical. As I have looked at other recipes, I have come across some wonderful additions that can add to the cost, but will provide variety and extra flavor:



    • Because my family is nuts about garlic, I almost always add a good measure of it to this recipe. Mince 1-3 cloves of garlic and add to the mixture with the corn.



    • Many chowders include bacon. That sounds like a real winner to me. Add about 1/4 cup cooked and crumbled bacon when you stir in the milk.



    • Using chicken broth or ham broth instead of water gives the finished product a more complex flavor. As an alternative, add a teaspoon or so of soup base or bouillon to the water.



    • One very popular recipe uses a packet of powdered country-style gravy mix. Stir it into the milk before adding to the pot.



    • Of course onions are always appropriate at our house. Saute 1/2 to 1 cup of onions in a bit of butter or olive oil as your very first step, then add water, potatoes, carrots, celery and seasonings and proceed as usual.


    Sit back and relax. Dinner is almost ready.

    Barbara O'Brien is an author and cook. Find more great recipes and cooking tips at S.O.S. - Secrets of Soup and Incredibly Good Recipes

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    Saturday, 05 April 2008

    New Orleans Cajun Justin Wilson tells a story about a mule in the Swamps.

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    Friday, 04 April 2008
    Most people would readily succumb to the alluring cheesecake in any given day. One needs a will of steel to really say no to the scrumptious, innocent looking piece of triangle-cut cake that would melt any dear hearts. It is especially comforting, when you feel down and stressed out after a long day at work. What better way to relax and unwind with a nice soft cheesy cake.

    The sweet tasting cheesecakes make excellent desert any day. The basic ingredients are eggs and cream cheese which makes it different from other types of cakes because the main ingredient for cake is flour. It resembles custards more. The cheesecake would give a person enjoyment as the flavor burst into your mouth before dissolving away. A taste to die for. The golden rule to make an excellent cheesecake is to let the flavor set by storing it away in the fridge overnight. Trust me; a little patience will give you enormous reward.

    Essentially, the main ingredient in any cheesecake is cream cheese. Evidence shows that cream cheese was made as far back as the Renaissance. As history has it, when Marco Polo returned form his adventurous travels, he wrote in his report that the Mongols produce rich and tangy cheese by simply leaving skimmed milk out in the sun to dry. It is also reported that cheese are made when buttermilk or skimmed milk was reduced by boiling, a procedure that is still famously uses even in today's time. Cheesecake first marks its presence in history when it was first recorded and was mentioned during the Grecian Olympic Games in the occidental world. The responsible individual for the introduction of cheesecake to the world, Cato the Elder wrote of cheesecake preparation in his farming manual "De Agri Cultura". In the late nineteenth century, two New York dairy farmers developed a rich cheese, perhaps inspired by the French Neufchatel. This new high-fat cheese was developed for the Empire Cheese Company, and later became known as Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese, which is now famously and widely use in the creation of cheesecake worldwide.

    The many different types of cheesecake originated from the countries they came from. These countries use their own special cheese to make the cake taste unique. Flavorings like chocolate or vanilla are recent flavors added to the cheesecakes. Some may add liquor to the cake batter to give a punch to the taste. Garnished with strawberries and kiwis, the cake could never have tasted better. The main feature of the cake is the crust that is made from biscuits. The popular choice would be Graham crackers. They are crushed and spread at the base of the pan. Some cheesecakes need to be baked; however, depending on the kind of taste you wish to have, some only need to be refrigerated.

    Because of man's love for chocolate; it has made its way into this delightful treat making it even more sumptuous. The blend of these two incredible soothing foods is mind blowing and the pleasure of eating it doubles. Chocolate cheesecake is simply alluring and with one bite, you'll be hooked forever.

    A scrumptious and delicious cheesecake can really bring a satisfied smile to one's worried and over-stressed day. Have it with your morning coffee or an afterthought dessert, cheesecake truly is the definition of a simple comfort food.
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    Wednesday, 02 April 2008

    I usually fail at carrot cake. I mean over the years all my carrot cakes have come out, well, DIFFERENT. After trying different recipes, I came up with this version which is tasty, moist and fluffy! Enjoy.

    5 medium (7-8 inches or 2 1/2 cups) carrots
    1/2 c apple sauce or 1 large apple
    1c raisins (mine were soaked in ports wine)
    1/4 c butter (salted)
    3/4 c vegetable oil
    4 eggs
    1 1/2 c sugar
    1 tablespoon vanilla
    2 tablespoons lemon juice
    1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
    1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    2 1/2 cups flour

    large baking tin (about 9 inches) I used an old large cookie tin!


    Lemon frosting
    300g confectioners sugar (about a cup)
    150 g butter (about a stick-and-a-half)
    grated lemon rind of one medium lemon


    Preheat oven to 350 degrees Grate carrots with the coarse end of a grater. Grate apple as well, if you are not using apple sauce.
    In a separate bowl, sift flour with baking powder and soda, set aside. Melt 1/4 cup of butter and add 3/4 cup of oil. In a large bowl, combine oil mixture with sugar, carrots, apples, eggs and mix well. Add raisins. Then add lemon juice, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Mix well.
    Add dry ingredients to mixture and mix until smooth. Prepare your baking tin by rubbing with butter, and then sprinkling with flour. Beat the tin from side to side, spreading the flour evenly, like a dusting or flour. Discard loose flour in tin. Pour mixture into tin and place in the center rack of the oven. It takes about an hour to bake, or when knife comes out dry...
    For the Frosting: Grate lemon rind onto confectioners sugar and let sit for a few mins. Add butter and mix thoroughly until fluffy and white. When cake is done, let it cool well before adding frosting!
    Served With:
    A nice cup of tea or coffee
    Lovely cake! Comes out very fluffy and moist.

    Kemi is the editor of, an African arts and lifestyle Website.

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    Tuesday, 01 April 2008
    The joy of a joyous moment becomes manifold when it is celebrated in a befitting manner. When a target is achieved, a goal is reached, a milestone is touched, a struggle is overcome, and fight is won, it is very important to celebrate the occasion to keep up the spirit on. If the occasion is left uncelebrated, it may demoralize the concerned person/persons and weaken the flow of performance.

    While occasions mentioned above can be celebrated plainly, occasions that hold special importance in your life should be celebrated with enough importance. There should be proper celebration to mark the occasion. And where there is a celebration, there should be a cake. Celebration cakes are important ingredient of a party and remain the centre of attraction. Be it a private party or public celebration, a nicely decorated cake is sure to enliven it.

    In the same way, if a celebration is not celebrated with due grandeur and splendour then the concerned people may feel neglected and similar performance or enthusiasm may not be shown by them in future. So, celebrating a worthy occasion properly holds high level importance. Leaving the birthday of your child uncelebrated, without cutting a celebration cakes may offend your child.

    Similarly, not celebrating the marriage anniversary may make your spouse think otherwise. So, in order to keep the machine of personal relationship smooth, it is necessary to celebrate the occasions that matters for you and your family. Celebration cakes may cause you a few pounds; but they will add unlimited pleasure to your life.

    Different occasions demand different cakes. A birthday cake is different from a wedding cake. In similar fashion, a Christmas cake differs from an anniversary cake. Whoever is in charge of buying celebration cakes must keep the demand of the occasion in mind. The theme and design of the cake should go in sync with the mood of the celebration.
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