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    Saturday, 27 June 2009

    Save $12.95 on your first order of $50 or more at

    If you lead a busy life and have very little time for the things that are tedious and require more time than you have available, you will enjoy online grocery shopping provided at Safeway. Not only can you shop on the go, but also you can have your groceries delivered to your front door. You will be able to take advantage of the weekly specials even if you do not have the time to visit the store in person. This saves you time and money. If you have no idea what to make for dinner, the recipe section will help you with new ideas.

    Online Grocery Shopping

    If you are a first time online shopper, you enjoy the first time visitor free delivery option. That means that you can place your grocery order and have it delivered to your home free of charge. This means you can try the online shopping experience to see how everything works free. Before you start shopping, you can look at the weekly specials and save money by buying things that are on sale. Shopping has been made easier with the Internet, but being able to grocery shop online and have your order delivered has made life so much easier for those with very little time.

    Recipe Ideas

    If you are tired of the same meals repeatedly, you will find Safeway the place to find some different meal plans. They have tips and techniques, fifteen-minute recipes and a searchable database for recipes. There are many recipes to choose from for something a little different. If you are looking for something different, you can find recipes for chicken, pork, beef and even pasta recipes. You can easily prepare a meal in fifteen-minutes with the easy to prepare recipes. After you find a few recipes, you simply place your grocery shopping order online.

    Healthy Meal Ideas

    If you have a family member with diabetes or you need to start eating healthier, Safeway has a healthy living section that gives you some great tips on foods to eat or foods that are good for keeping you healthy. The information that is available is up to date and can help you keep your family healthy. If you are at a lost for ideas or need a question answered, the nutrition experts can answer your questions. You will enjoy having everything at your fingertips to make planning a meal easier.

    Safeway has always been a family store and today they have made it easier for families to eat healthier by offering different services. From weekly savings to planning meals for those that need special foods, Safeway helps you from start to finish. There is no reason to order out for dinner, when you can have the groceries delivered right to your door. There is no better way for a busy mom or dad to plan a scrumptious meal with Safeway's easy to use online shopping. Do your shopping on the go and look forward to having your groceries delivered right to your front door.

    Shop at Home. We Deliver.
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    Friday, 26 June 2009

    Free Shipping with your order of $125


    Steaks and porterhouses are both great classic parts of American culture that many excellent Americans are familiar with and know as well as love a lot. Many people know just what type of excellent beef they like best - some enjoy an excellent rare filet mignon, while others simply love a well done T-bone steak and then there are those who can not decide simply because there are such great many excellent options to choose from on the menu. Anyways, for many great restaurants, it is not so important what excellent cut of beef tickles your fancy, these great restaurants find it much more important that you have an excellent dining experience that you will remember for quite a long time ahead of you, that you will tell many of your great friends how great this restaurant is and that you, yourself, will definitely continue coming back to dine at this excellent establishment for many great years to come. Restaurants that serve great cuts of beef really strive to accomplish all of the latter three goals because they definitely recognize how very important it is for the overall health and success of their great business. Everyone is well aware that the one thing that many great businesses need most is many loyal customers to keep their tables filled, their chef busy and everything running smoothly and as planned.

    It definitely takes a lot of work to run such a great restaurant but many owners find it to be definitely rewarding for both their personal banks accounts as well as their peace of mind and overall happiness, which we all know to be very important for many great restaurants. Running a great restaurant that specializes in providing customers with excellent cuts of beef along with many delicious side items is definitely a very challenging but the people who do this kind of work and run these types of businesses definitely enjoy their jobs and the lifestyle that their great jobs allow them to have. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to prepare an excellent cut of beef in a short amount of time and it is definitely much more difficult to prepare many different cuts of beef for many different customers in such a short amount of time. This is why owners of great establishments that specialize in serving excellent cuts of beef are definitely very careful about what type of chef they hire - many owners look for experience, a great work ethic as well as a respect for the business they are working in. It is very important that a chef who would like to work at an establishment that specializes in serving great cuts of beef has most, if not all of these great qualities.

    Also, when you are going to a great restaurant that specializes in serving excellent cuts of beef, you definitely need to remember that it most likely will not be a cheap dining experience. Fine cuts of beef are expensive and somewhat difficult to prepare for many different reasons, so if you want an excellent piece of meat, you need to be prepared to pay for it.

    Chuck R. Stewart purchased a case of steaks including some porterhouse steaks, online for a family picnic later this summer.


    Get gourmet beef sent right to your door!
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    Thursday, 25 June 2009

    Try online grocery shopping at and save $12.95 on your first order!

    Well, it's finally here: we can finally buy our groceries online. What a great concept, right? I'm actually a little surprised it's taken this long for any of the big boys to step up and dominate the market. In fact...are they? Is there a clear leader in the online grocery delivery market? I don't think so. I think it's still wide open, just waiting for some company to get it right. I won't be mentioning names in this piece, so just use your imagination.

    We're very familiar with the major grocery players, but for some reason "big" just doesn't translate to "user-friendly" when referring to ease of shopping. Maybe the demand just isn't there yet, or maybe people actually like going to the store. Who knows? As far as I'm concerned, I actually don't mind going to the grocery store. I mean, how lazy am I? Having said that, this country is a very busy, fast-paced, competitive place to live, so if I can save an hour going to the store by simply clicking a few products online, I'm all for it. Without a doubt. That's more time to write articles like this and more time to get work done. And more time for my family.

    So the question remains, I suppose: from whom do we buy groceries and is the demand there? Is this new trend going to put grocery stores as we know them out of business? Or is it just going to force them to deliver? Are third-party dealers going to rule this market or will it remain a function of our local stores? I guess we'll see.

    Until these questions are answered clearly, I'm going on record saying that I have high hopes for online grocery shopping and can't wait to see someone really step up to the plate.

    Shop at Home. We Deliver.
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    Tuesday, 23 June 2009

    Monthly Fruit Club  

    Fruit of the Month

    While they may sound strange, it tastes delicious! A Pluot is a registered trademark and a late 90's invention of Zaiger Genetics from Modesto, CA. They are essentially hybrid fruits that combine both plums and apricots, though they take most after the plum. The Aprium is also a hybrid of the plum and the apricot but this hybrid takes after the apricot side.

    Choosing Fruits

    Since pluots take after their plum parent, you'll need to look for smooth skin, resembling plum. Apriums will have a slightly fuzzy skin. Both fruits should be plump, firm, and not green or blemished. You can find both fruits available between the months of May and September. The fruits are mostly grown in California and Washington.

    Preparing to Eat

    Like all fresh fruit and vegetables, you should thoroughly wash and dry them before eating. Both fruits have a pit in the center, which you can remove by cutting the fruit in half. You can also enjoy Pluots and Apriums cooked. Since both fruits are hybrids of other sweet fruits, both contain more natural sugar than either a plum or an apricot. These fruits are known for their juicy sweetness and tasty flavors.

    Varieties of Fruit


    At the present time, there is only one variety of Aprium on the market. It is known as the Honey Rich and is bright orange in color.


    There are at least 20 varieties of this fruit. Each type contains a different percentage of plum and apricot and all will vary in size and color of the skin and the flesh. Here are a few of the varieties:


    • Candy Stripe medium, pink-yellow striped, with very sweet and juicy flesh.
    • Cherrysmall, bright red skin with white flesh.
    • Dapple Dandy large sweet with pale green to yellow, red-spotted skin, red or pink juicy flesh.
    • Flavorellaround, medium-sized, golden-yellow, with sweet and juicy flesh.
    • Flavor Heartvery large, black with a heart shape, and yellow flesh.
    • Flavor Richmedium-sweet, large black round fruit with orange flesh.
    • Flavor Suprememedium or large, greenish purple skin, juicy red flesh.
    • Flavor Queenlarge light-green to yellow, very juicy.
    • Red Raymedium, bright red with dense, sweet orange flesh.


    Recipe for Pluots and Apriums

    A fruit salad is a great way to eat both fruits. Here is a sample recipe for a tasty and healthy fruit salad.

    What You Need:


    • 2 Pluots © or Apriums ©
    • 2 peaches
    • 2 apples
    • 2 white nectarines
    • 2 bananas
    • 1/2 cup pineapple chunks
    • 1/2 cup grapes
    • 1/2 cup plain low-fat yogurt
    • orange juice
    • pineapple juice
    • 3 tablespoons sugar
    • whipped topping (optional)


    How to Make

    Cut all fruit into chunks and sprinkle a small amount of the juices over the fruit. Mix up well. Add in yogurt and mix again. You can now sprinkle on some sugar but don't mix it in. Place the bowl of fruit in the freezer for 30-45 minutes to chill. You can add whipped topping if desired when ready to eat.

    Tisha Kulak Tolar is a writer for, where she writes about bodybuilding, exercise, general health and fitness, nutrition and supplements

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    Monday, 22 June 2009

    Take advantage of exclusive Lobster Gram Web Specials: CLICK HERE to SAVE up to 50%!


    Maine lobster is famous all over the world and is used for preparing fabulous meals. Maine is a land with vast coastline and it's the best place for lobsters to thrive. It is regarded as the lobster capital of the world. Lobsters are nocturnal in nature and found in rock covered shallow waters. Maine lobsters have a length of about 20 cm to 60 cm and their weight ranges from 0.5 kg to 4 kg.

    Fishing season of Maine lobsters is from May to October. About 60 million pounds of lobster are obtained from the Maine coast in each season. Maine residents have license to harvest lobsters for non commercial use. There are communities in Maine that depend only on Maine lobster fishing. Special licensing is required from Maine department of Marine resources to harvest lobsters commercially. Overnight or same day delivery of fresh lobsters is done by Maine lobster shippers. Maine lobster promotion council markets and promotes sales of Maine lobster in world markets year round. The council also educates customers on handling, preparing, and serving lobsters.

    To prevent food poisoning, Maine lobsters are kept alive till they are cooked. Lobsters are refrigerated to keep them alive as they can remain alive up to two days even after being taken out of water. The best lobsters are sweet in taste with low fat. Maine lobsters are used to prepare a variety of dishes and served in restaurants around the world. You can also get different recipe books on Maine lobsters.

    Rockland Maine lobster summer event is celebrated with tons of cooked Maine lobsters and cultural and recreational activities. Maine lobster dinner and evening carnival are included in Winter Harbour lobster festival.

    Maine lobster resources are to be protected from extinction due to exhaustive fishing all year round. Maine Lobstermen's association works for this issue. Hats, shirts, and other accessories with pictures of Maine lobsters are sold out through an online store to create awareness about lobster protection.

    Maine provides detailed information on Maine, Portland Maine, Maine Real Estate, Maine Vacations and more. Maine is affiliated with Freeport Maine Bed And Breakfast.

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    Thursday, 18 June 2009

    Indulge in gourmet cheesecakes, brownies and other desserts at

    So Dad lives five states away, and my weekends are packed with kid's soccer games, grocery shopping and a mountain of laundry so high it almost makes a grown woman weep. You get the point here, there is just so much to cram into a weekend it's not like a leisurely drive for 18 hours is going to happen before I have to turn around and start another work and school week. My parents totally understand this. Having come from a family of 6 kids, believe me my parents can relate to the chaos. When it comes to their birthdays, anniversary, mother's day and father day they appreciate any gesture and I think where my one sibling is concerned they are quite frankly surprised that he even remembers.

    I am the type that likes to go the extra mile, so I was at the point where a gift card in the mail was getting pretty stale. I had to think of what would Dad really enjoy for father's day he would not get for himself but would be appreciated. Then, like the light bulb going on in my head, it dawned on me. The answer was so crystal clear. When they were visiting for the Holiday's my Dad was the one who mentioned repeatedly about the wonderful Cheesecake I had ordered for dessert. His fondness for this was even more obvious when I got up at 4 am to feed the baby and found him at the kitchen table with yet another slice. He was like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. The sheepish grin told me that he just couldn't help himself, he loved it that much. It's an image I have of Dad that makes me grin every time I go back to that moment.

    With father's day fast approaching I simply had to go online a few days ahead, click a few buttons and send dad a delicious sampler cheesecake so he can have a taste of several of the creamy and decadent flavors. It is a simple thing to do, but I know it's going to mean a lot to Dad. I can just see the wide grin on his face when he gets this package delivered to him. He can sneak to the freezer for days to follow and select another piece to try. I couldn't be more thrilled to have stumbled across an idea that is truly unique, and certainly going to be happily received. Order a cheesecake online for father's day will put my brother and sister to shame as well. It's not my motivation however it is a pleasant side effect of having found and idea like this!

    Forget the tie for dad this year! Get him a cheesecake sampler that he can enjoy with you!

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    Wednesday, 17 June 2009

    Free Shipping on Artisanal Premium Cheese

    Cheese has been around for at least 8000 years. It has been a great way to preserve the nutritional value of milk, and also tends to taste very good. Cheese has its origins in the Middle East. People were renowned for their cheese making skills. The Roman Empire adopted cheese and refined the process of making cheese into a fine art. They had separate kitchens solely for making cheese, and centers where people could bring cheese to get it smoked.

    As the Roman Empire spread through Europe, the secrets of making cheese spread with it. After the collapse of the empire, cheese making regions became isolated, and developed their own unique types of cheeses. The dark ages were a time of little innovation as far as cheese making was concerned, as well. While monks kept the tradition alive through the middle ages, cheese became less popular, as it was considered unhealthy.

    However, that changed in the early 19th century. The move towards industrialization brought a renewed interest in cheese, and factories began producing it. Pasteurization, the process of sterilizing milk, helped popularize cheese, as it was thought of as more healthy. Until the 20th century, cheese had always been considered a specialty food. Due to the ability to mass produce it, cheese has became a staple of most diets. It has also flourished in the types available. Italy alone has almost four hundred varieties of cheese.

    Italian cheeses can be found at a number of local retailers in your area. Whether you use mozzarella on a homemade pizza, Fontina in a fondue pot or Gorgonzola after dinner with a red wine the development of Italian cheeses have added character, taste and richness to most everyday diets. Cheese, like most aspects of life, should be enjoyed in moderation - but if so it can be a healthy way to enjoy a bit of Italian history.

    Mateo Guiliano and his family have owned an Italian gourmet market for over 36 years. They sell a wide array of Italian specialty foods online at, as well as at their New York store.

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    Monday, 08 June 2009


    Are you looking for ideas for an easy birthday cake?

    You child's birthdays is tomorrow and you can't order a cake. Get the cake pans out and start baking. An easy birthday cake to make and decorate is on the way.

    I prefer a two layer cake. To me they look more festive. If you have a cake mix great, if not make one from scratch. Pour mix into 2 - 9" round pans that have been greased and floured. Bake them at 350 degrees about 25 - 35 minutes. I can usually tell they are done by feel. If you can't put a knife in and see if it has any batter on it. If it does it isn't done yet. Try not to over bake it or it will be dry.

    When it is done put it on a cooling rack a few minutes. Run a knife around the edge of the cake. Then get a plate put the plate on top of the cake, flip it and your cake should come out if not put a wet towel on the bottom of the pan.

    Now place the cake in the freezer for about 2 hours. You can leave them upside down. A frozen cake will ice better.

    Make your favorite icing or buy it. Ice the top of one cake flip the other on it or place it on it. This is really an easy birthday cake. Now you want to ice the sides you can use a regular knife to just put icing on and run it around and ice the rest. Then do the top.

    Now you can decorate. Either put sprinkles all the way around to decorate or draw a circle in another color frosting fill it in and make a smiley face. Sprinkles is an easy birthday cake idea. After you have that done write Happy Birthday _ _ _ on it. You can use a different colored icing that you put in a tube or a clean empty catchup or honey bottle. Anything that has a small hole in top and will squeeze will work.

    Now isn't that an easy birthday cake idea? I hope you can use this idea. Decorating cakes can be fun and this is just a simple way to start.

    Decorating a cake is an art you can learn. Check out this site for more information. There is a free video on decorating a cake with chocolate.

    You can learn to decorate cakes and save your family a lot of money. Maybe you can start a business and make a lot of money. It is fun to decorate cakes and much easier than you might think. It is something you can learn. Check out the site

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    Friday, 05 June 2009

    Indulge in gourmet cheesecakes, brownies and other desserts at

    Cheesecakes can be categorized into two types, non-bake and baked. Non-bake cheesecakes are typically easier to make compared to the baked ones because non-bake cheesecakes have less-hassle preparation since there is no baking involved.

    Non-bake cheesecake normally involve the preparation of cheesecake base that is made from digestive cookies or cereal cookies that are crushed to bits using food processor. Sometimes certain recipes may also mention the use of Marie biscuits that is quite similar as digestive cereal cookies. For those who are more creative, Oreo cookies also can be used to give a chocolaty flavor to the cake. These cookies are then mixed with butter to form a strong cheesecake base.

    To make cheesecake, remove cream cheese and eggs from the fridge one hour before making so that cream cheese and eggs are at room temperature. Best of all is to use fresh eggs that are bought from supermarkets and using them straight away. The cream cheese is removed from fridge so that it softens and it is easier to beat it to smooth and creamy state later on.

    As for the cheese filling, it is quite a breeze to make, by just beating the cream cheese with sugar and other preferred flavoring (chocolates, coffee or any fruits). Gelatin is also generally added to make the cheese filling to set easily. Gelatin mixture can be easily prepared by dissolving gelatin powder or jelly powder in hot water. We should not also over beat the cream cheese.

    Prepare a baking tray that is bigger than 8 inches cake mold. Add water until half height of the cake mold. Too little water will give a dry texture to the cake.

    Do not remove the cheesecake from the oven immediately after baking. Leave the oven door ajar by putting a metal spoon in between the oven door until the cheesecake is cool before taking it out from the oven. This is to avoid the cake from sinking due to temperature shock.

    The baked cheesecake, stored in a box, can be kept in the fridge for up to a week. You can use plastic boxes that can cover the whole cake.

    If you are using springform mold for steam-bake cheesecake, you need to cover the outer part of the cake mold with aluminum foil to prevent the water from sipping into the cake. When water sips into the cake, it will become terribly too moist.

    Jamie Lee is a yuppie who wishes to quit his full time professional job and become a pastry chef or restaurateur instead. He maintains a recipes site at and besides cheesecakes, he also likes to eat and bake chocolate cakes and some of these recipes could be found at

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    Monday, 01 June 2009

    When it comes to gift giving, many people tend to draw complete blanks from time to time. It would seem that there are only so many gifts that one can possibly give; after a while, they all seem to blur together in a meaningless jumble. But you certainly do not want to give a meaningless gift and that is why giving gift hampers Australia are such phenomenal ideas. Mixing creativity with variety, gift hampers allow you to give something special to that special someone easily and efficiently.

    In terms of gift hampers, there are a great number of options available and places from which to purchase them. It is important to understand what the special occasion is, and the type of person you are ordering a hamper for. From there, it is really easy sailing to create a truly unique gift for that special person.

    Baby Gift Hampers -

    For the new addition in someone's life, baby gift hampers are great ways of welcoming them to the world. Stuffed full of an assortment of baby related goodies, these hampers are sure to be well received by the parents of the lucky child. Depending on whether it is a boy or a girl, you can help craft precisely what will go into the hamper that you give. Weary new parents will rejoice in such a thoughtful present.

    Birthday Gift Hampers -

    Depending on the personality of the birthday celebrant, there are a huge swath of options for birthday gift hampers. For the friend who enjoys luxury, you could opt for a hamper full of lotions and scented oils. For those who enjoy snacks, you could opt for a hamper jam packed with tantalizing treats. Or you can choose the cute path and select a adorable bear and a special message for your birthday gift hamper; the choice is entirely yours.

    Get Well Soon Hampers -

    Do you know someone who is down in the dumps, or suffering from a nasty cold or flu? Imagine how much a nicely assorted gift hamper could brighten up their day! Depending on the person you are trying to please, there are a variety of great styles and types to choose from. Popular choices include coffee baskets with an assortment of savoury coffee drinks; tea hampers with many great teas; and breakfast in bed hampers with all the fixings necessary for a decadent meal in bed.

    Gift Hampers... Just Because!

    You certainly don't always need a special occasion to give someone a gift hamper. Surprising someone with a "just because" hamper can be a fun way to brighten their day. There's nothing that says you care more, especially when you surprise them with a well thought gift basket or hamper.

    Hamper Me is an online store that asks why you should give someone the same old boring sort of present, when you can give stunning gift hampers instead? No matter what the occasion may be, there are options suitable for practically anything. Explore Hampers Australia wide and you'll discover Hamper Me is a great place to purchase this style of gift.

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