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    Thursday, 01 December 2011
    Although your local mart might be stocked with gifts and presents which are designed for loved ones, family and friends and for a rich variety of occasions, these gifts usually end up being just being a formality because you wouldn't enjoy giving another plaintive photo frame or book to someone, and they would only toss your gift into the closet, adding to the 'clutter' in their house. But sometimes you want to go an extra mile and show your love to someone who you really care for or you want to make a great impression on, without having to go way out of budget. You might also want the gift to actually 'mean' something, to be of use to the person. In such cases, it's time to shop outside the realm of the supermarket and look for witty and creative gifts.

    Certain unique gift shops host unusual and stunning gifts, as does the internet, but some of the best gifts are those made at home. Those would require a lot of devotion and effort on your part, but it's nowhere near possible. Guides on cool gift ideas and making can help create gifts which are not only appealing but convey your sincerity on a whole new level. They are also much more Eco-friendly. Items like necklaces or bracelets, handmade candles, mobile phone covers, decorative tissue paper boxes or wall frames are just a bunch of the possibilities. If this isn't your area of expertise, ready-made products are just as breathtakingly designed.

    Gifts available in certain gift shops or savvy online stores can be of two types-decorative or useful. Decorative gifts would enhance the uniqueness and aesthetics of any item, like Polaroid coasters, sunglasses photo frames, doughnut makers, robot-like tea infuser, scented erasers and so much more to pick from. Even gadgets and items of utility, simply more pleasing to the eye, can be gifted to a loved one. Useful items, usually wittily designed to offer convenience and comfort to the user as well as in many cases, consuming as little of resources as possible-can also be gifted, though you might be 'bribed' by these amazing innovations to keep some them for your own convenience. Breakthrough head massaging device, Eco-friendly external hard disks, pen clips to attach it to notebooks, beautifully designed measuring spoons, magnetic shot glasses, birthday candles that need not be lit manually and the like, are some great examples of such gadgets.

    The genius minds behind these ideas and products are commendable, because they combine beauty, efficiency and uniqueness in one. Gone are the days you would have to worry about your friend's birthday or your boss's anniversary, or struggle to find solutions to some of the simplest problems in your day-to-day life.

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