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    Friday, 18 February 2011
    How's this for an herbal remedy: Turns out that the jars in your spice cupboard can make you happier. Studies suggest that saffron in particular can be an effective antidepressant. (It's been used in traditional Persian medicine for centuries!)

    Get your fix with an uplifting cup of tea: Add 3 strands saffron to 3 cups boiling water, along with a cinnamon stick and 3 cardamom pods. Simmer for 30 minutes, then add sugar to taste. You can also add blanched almonds if you have some in the pantry.

    Or, try these recipes for a boost, each of which comes together in 30 minutes or less:
    Tomato-Saffron Risotto Milanese

    Tomato-Saffron Risotto Milanese

    Sunset Orzo with Spanish Shrimp

    Sunset Orzo with Spanish Shrimp

    Piquillo Pepper Chicken with Spanish Rice

    Piquillo Pepper Chicken with Spanish Rice

    Carbonara with Saffron

    Carbonara with Saffron

    Creamy Saffron Farfalle with Crab and Shrimp

    Creamy Saffron Farfalle with Crab and Shrimp

    Rach-aroni Paella

    Rach-aroni Paella

    By Adam Bible

    How to feel better with sneaky spices that do double duty »
    5 detoxifying teas and tonics recipes »
    4 ways to have a happy kitchen »
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    Tuesday, 15 February 2011

    Gourmet gift baskets are one of the most irresistible presents that you can offer. No one can withstand not opening such a gift full of different treats. These gift baskets usually contain expensive wines, chocolates, baked goods, fruits, cheese, and many other goodies. Gift basket ideas like this one is perfect in gift giving, such as during special occasions and gatherings.

    You can choose from a wide array of selections on which items your recipient prefers and enjoys. This may be considered one of those personalized presents especially made for a certain person. Yet with its appealing concept, you need not worry with costly spending since these baskets still stays within your budget because you can choose which items to stuff into the basket. Aside from being a budget-friendly gift, gourmet gift baskets are available almost anywhere, such as in grocery stores, specialty shops and on the Internet.

    Before deciding on the perfect gift, it is a must to first find out what the occasion is. After doing so, research on what your recipient likes and dislikes. This way, you can come up with a present that will surely be well favored. It is also important to find out if the recipient dislikes being given presents or the occasion is awkward for gift giving.

    Since gift baskets are for special occasions as above mentioned, they must likewise be compatible with the assembly. Here are some ideas and must-knows on giving gift baskets during specific occasions.

    Birthdays are one of the occasions specially celebrated by everyone. Whether it is the special day of a close family member, a distant relative or a friend, a gourmet gift basket is the perfect choice. Perfect birthday items that you can put in your basket include stuffed toys, chocolates and any other items that you think the celebrant will love. Make your gift special by adding special designs and leaving a birthday note inside the basket.

    Weddings are celebration of the union of two lovely couple ready to be bound by everlasting love. You can extend your best wishes to them with this basket of goodies. You can give them a basket full of gourmet jelly beans, pistachio bars, truffles, fruit hard candies and the ever sought after special wines. And if you are giving them wine, make sure you give them their favorite drink so they can both enjoy it on their wedding night.


    Christmas is the most celebrated day of the year all throughout the world. Gourmet gift baskets are just perfect for this special day. It eliminates last minute shopping sickness. The basket may contain chocolates, candy canes, cookies shaped like Christmas trees, ham, canned goods, cheese, a Santa stuffed toy symbolizing the spirit of Christmas and ingredients of popular Christmas dinner recipes such as pasta and salad. 
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