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    Wednesday, 16 March 2011
    Expressing your love for someone may require a lot of courage and a great deal of effort. Others may resort to composing songs and writing poems just to let their special someone feel and know how much they love them. Sweet as it may be, your loved one might still think that it is out of fashion. I know it may be hard, especially because it can be very intimidating. Saying "I love you" may be the most common thing to let your loved one feel your affection for them, but it is not the only way. There are many more creative and one of a kind ways to do it. Whether it is your first time to say it, or the thousandth time, or even after doing it over and over again, she will still be surprised every time, especially if you do it creatively. Read on and learn from a few of my suggestions on how to say "I love you" creatively.

    If you are one who happens to have a big back yard that is flat and full of lush, green, grass, then you are lucky because that can be used to propose your feelings. You can mow her name and the 3 magic words on the lawn and let her see it from the window of your room upstairs. Oh, and make sure to blindfold her first to fully surprise her.

    Similar to the first, you can also do a loving gesture by taking her on a walk down the beach, where you already carved or wrote her name on the sand using a stick or using white rocks or pebbles. If you want to make it more extravagant, you can prepare a dinner for the both of you. What can be more romantic than having a dinner on the beach after watching the sunset with the most special person in the world for you.

    There are also simpler ways to do it but just as romantic as the others, like writing sweet nothings on an entire pad of post-it notes and sticking them on her bedroom walls, desk, vanity mirror, car or front door. It is indeed witty, yet I am pretty sure that she will find it cute and lovely.

    Lastly, you can give her a present and a card to go along with it. Write a short but very sweet message for her. A perfect gift would be a gourmet gift which you can eat together during a picnic you prepared. Gourmet foods would be the perfect goodies to bring with you on a perfect date in a romantic place. It is thoughtfulness at its best because not only are you giving her a treat, but you are making sure as well that what she eats is healthy and delicious. Also, all gourmet gifts are wrapped in a fancy wrapper, thus, making it elegant and wonderful.

    There are a million ways to say how much you love a person. All you have to do is to be creative and make sure that what you are doing is sincere. Keep surprising her every time and I am sure she will be thankful all her life for having you.
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    Wednesday, 02 March 2011
     One way to show your love or care to someone is by giving them a unique gift that signifies sincerity and truthfulness. Making this effort will give you time to gather as many friends as you can. Trust is the best way to ensure good friendship, but make sure that you exert effort to nourish that friendship and learn to be caring and loving. Remember that friendship is not measured on time that you've been spending together but with the trust that you have for each other. Always allow yourself to be friendly at all times.

    Now that we know the basic foundation of friendship, we should give time to realize how blessed we are because we have friends that know how to support us and are always there to give us inspiration. All we need to do is to give them a unique gift to express our gratitude. It comes in different materials not considering the cost and style but we should consider the meaning of those items and we should be thankful when a person accepts the gift because we know that our effort is being appreciated by the person that we care for and love. It's as if doing good things for someone's sake without expecting anything return on our part. We can call it a selfless act because we put someone first before thinking of ourselves.

    Give time to think and exert effort to provide happiness on our loved ones. We don't need to give costly apparel, clothing, or expensive things just to please somebody. All we need to do is to give them a unique gift that comes from our heart. No one will understand our effort unless we'll explain it to them, but the people that we are giving the gifts to will feel that they are important or are loved. Don't get tired in expressing your love for someone that needs it because God will reward you for that unselfish act.

    Lastly, when we say unique gift, it can be something that we do personally and it is something to give to someone special. It is not something that we can buy in the market or a common thing to have, but it is an object that has a significant meaning to you or to a person you are to offer that gift. So, find out what is the meaning of that thing when you are about to receive or to offer a gift.
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