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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Monthly Fruit Club  

Fruit of the Month

While they may sound strange, it tastes delicious! A Pluot is a registered trademark and a late 90's invention of Zaiger Genetics from Modesto, CA. They are essentially hybrid fruits that combine both plums and apricots, though they take most after the plum. The Aprium is also a hybrid of the plum and the apricot but this hybrid takes after the apricot side.

Choosing Fruits

Since pluots take after their plum parent, you'll need to look for smooth skin, resembling plum. Apriums will have a slightly fuzzy skin. Both fruits should be plump, firm, and not green or blemished. You can find both fruits available between the months of May and September. The fruits are mostly grown in California and Washington.

Preparing to Eat

Like all fresh fruit and vegetables, you should thoroughly wash and dry them before eating. Both fruits have a pit in the center, which you can remove by cutting the fruit in half. You can also enjoy Pluots and Apriums cooked. Since both fruits are hybrids of other sweet fruits, both contain more natural sugar than either a plum or an apricot. These fruits are known for their juicy sweetness and tasty flavors.

Varieties of Fruit


At the present time, there is only one variety of Aprium on the market. It is known as the Honey Rich and is bright orange in color.


There are at least 20 varieties of this fruit. Each type contains a different percentage of plum and apricot and all will vary in size and color of the skin and the flesh. Here are a few of the varieties:


  • Candy Stripe medium, pink-yellow striped, with very sweet and juicy flesh.
  • Cherrysmall, bright red skin with white flesh.
  • Dapple Dandy large sweet with pale green to yellow, red-spotted skin, red or pink juicy flesh.
  • Flavorellaround, medium-sized, golden-yellow, with sweet and juicy flesh.
  • Flavor Heartvery large, black with a heart shape, and yellow flesh.
  • Flavor Richmedium-sweet, large black round fruit with orange flesh.
  • Flavor Suprememedium or large, greenish purple skin, juicy red flesh.
  • Flavor Queenlarge light-green to yellow, very juicy.
  • Red Raymedium, bright red with dense, sweet orange flesh.


Recipe for Pluots and Apriums

A fruit salad is a great way to eat both fruits. Here is a sample recipe for a tasty and healthy fruit salad.

What You Need:


  • 2 Pluots © or Apriums ©
  • 2 peaches
  • 2 apples
  • 2 white nectarines
  • 2 bananas
  • 1/2 cup pineapple chunks
  • 1/2 cup grapes
  • 1/2 cup plain low-fat yogurt
  • orange juice
  • pineapple juice
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • whipped topping (optional)


How to Make

Cut all fruit into chunks and sprinkle a small amount of the juices over the fruit. Mix up well. Add in yogurt and mix again. You can now sprinkle on some sugar but don't mix it in. Place the bowl of fruit in the freezer for 30-45 minutes to chill. You can add whipped topping if desired when ready to eat.

Tisha Kulak Tolar is a writer for Fit4EverYoung.com, where she writes about bodybuilding, exercise, general health and fitness, nutrition and supplements

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